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TILO Bonheiden - BMathias Roelants-450 c
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A pastry chef turned house dj, Christophe aka Cemode certainly knows how to mix and match the most delicate servings. Classic house reigns supreme on both the dance floor and the studio, but deeper, melodic and indie cuts are on offer as well.

A true master of his craft, he has brought his exquisite taste to every major club or festival in Belgium as well as beyond. From the illustrious Illusion club in the past to the trembling grounds of Tomorrowland today, he has seen it all.

Not to mention the sweet cherry on his cake, his vinyl-only concept 12 Inch Lovers!

Fitting of a true artisan, Cemode’s heritage propels him head-on into the future!

Known from Tomorrowland, Extrema, 12 Inch Lovers, Thé Dansant, Cafeìna, Secret Garden, Studio Ibiza, ...

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Cemode @ 12 Inch Lovers Outdoor 2022

Cemode @ 12 Inch Lovers Outdoor 2022

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